The Best Shower Bench – Showering and Bathing made easy

It is a rewarding sensation to take a shower, whether warm or cold, after a long day at work. The splash of water on your cold skin, the fragrance of your lavender shampoo, the rich lather on your body… when suddenly, you have to cut it short because you are already tired of being on your feet. Why stand when you can savour the moment while sitting on a bath transfer chair or the best shower bench?
Transfer chair, more popularly known as shower bench, is introduced to make sure that people who have trouble standing can still enjoy the bathroom ritual.

Parents find shower chairs very helpful when bathing their kids since children love to play with water and as such do not stay in one place while being cleansed. With the use of a shower bench, parents can properly wash their kids, with the kids enjoying the bath while sitting. Bath benches are also useful if you have elders at home. Due to their weak muscles and frail bones, the elderly often have less strength to endure cleansing while standing. For the physically challenged, transfer benches find it easy to wash themselves independently by using transfer benches.
Because of the bathroom’s external structure–shiny surfaces, wet slippery floors, and installed electrical appliances–young and old people are always at risk of accidents like falling and slipping. When used regularly, shower chairs help rid these mishaps.

Various types of shower chairs are available based on your needs, wants, and budget. For small bathrooms, folded shower chairs are best choices. They can be stored easily and can be removed when not in use.
Usually, if you have a tub on your bathroom, a shower bench is placed in such a way that half of the chair sits inside the tub while the other half sits outside. The person using the bath bench would sit on the side located outside of the tub then carefully slide across the other side while sitting. For those who are on wheelchair, this style makes it easier for them to take a shower with little or no help at all.

Transfer chairs feature a space for shower curtain placement so you do not have to worry that other people might see you while bathing. Seat heights can also be adjusted like with Carex Transfer Chair, which can be lengthen from 18″ to 22″ in 1-inch increments. The said chair has weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The materials used for making shower benches are waterproof and rust-proof. This ensures that the shower bench lasts its lifespan. To avoid slip while being seated, the surface of the transfer chair is often textured and slip-resistant. Transfer bath chairs are made of lightweight substances for easy transport and movement. Some models are attached to the wall that you only have to pull it down if needed.

If you are seriously considering to buy shower bath chair for your home, make sure to check how much weight it can carry. If it is meant for a child alone, you can choose a smaller unit, but if it will be used by every person in the household, different sizes and heights are available.