How to Use the best Shower Chair

When it comes to independence in everyday tasks for those who are elderly or have mobility concerns, the shower chair allows bathing without assistance from loved ones, friends, or other caregivers. The best shower bench or shower stool is designed for use in a tub or shower for those who cannot stand steadily for several minutes.

Using a shower chair allows the person with limited mobility to bathe him- or herself, and is simple for anyone. Shower chairs are easily removed allowing continued use of the tub or shower by other persons sharing the bath facilities. However, it does require assistance to get the shower chair set up the first time.

Purchase the Appropriate Model for Your Needs
There are several different types available, some designed for any tub or stall, while others are designed for specific purposes. To ensure that the chair functions as desired and will give you the independence and freedom of movement desired during the shower, you should buy the appropriate shower chair for your use. Adjust the height to the desired height, if that option is available, before placing it in the tub or shower.

Secure It In Place
Ensure that the product is securely in place in the tub or shower stall. Some models have wheels for pushing the mobility limited person into the shower; it’s very important to lock the wheels before sitting or allowing someone else to sit in the chair. Other types have rubber tipped legs that prevent slipping but you should be sure the shower chair fits properly and is sitting level.
Carefully Sit In or Transfer the Patient to the Chair
Getting in and out of a tub or shower is the most dangerous aspect of bathing because injury is possible due to slipping, stepping over the edge of the tub, or falling. It’s best to have assistance entering the tub and sometimes the stall. If you roll into an open cubicle, be sure to lock the wheels once there. Using a transfer bench for the tub is an excellent solution.

Use a Safety Belt
For extra stability and feeling of security during the shower you may want to strap yourself in if a safety belt is provided with your product. This gives you freedom of movement without concern that you will slip from the chair, allowing for a more pleasurable bathing experience.

Carefully Exit the Tub or Shower
When you are done showering, carefully set your footing and rise from the chair, before exiting, steady yourself. Use the chair for support if necessary. Use any handrails available to safely exit the tub or shower. Towelling off in the shower may be the best option. Once you’ve exited the shower, have someone else remove the shower chair if it does not stay in that location. It should be allowed to dry before storage.
Once the user is accustomed to the shower chair or a shower stool his or her quality of life will improve with the added independence