Finding Dvds For Sale

I was in the cash generator the other day and i am not joking there must have been hundreds and hundreds of dvds at 0.50 pence, my mouth dropped. I am so shocked at the prices of dvds these days.

I was searching the internet and comparing a few sites for different disney dvds also , the best i came across was Blaze dvds. It offers so many dvds at such great prices. Some of the disney dvds it has includes the lion king dvd set,the little mermaid dvds, even the beauty and the beast dvd. All time classic dvds.

I have an amazon firestick which i guess i would say is the best technology out to date, but i still like to purchase some dvds now and again. I like to add them to my collection, i have thousands of dvds. I will always love my dvds no matter what.